2016 - 2018

MS Bioinformatics

Georgia Institute of Technology

2009 - 2014

BS Electrical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Professional Experience

2019 - Present

Microbiologist / Laboratory Equipment Designer

As part of the Division of Scientific Resources' Biotechnology Core Facility Branch (BCFB), I design and produce custom laboratory equipment and tools for CDC researchers across all campuses. In addition, I assist various other BCFB teams.

2016 - 2019

Makerspace Manager

As part of Drew Charter School's mission to provide an exemplary and innovative educational community, I manage makerspaces at the Elementary through High School levels. These spaces provide students and the East Lake community the resources to create, make, and learn new tools and manufacturing techniques. As Makerspace Manager, I help to ensure the three makerspaces are safe and operational by training students and teachers on small and large power tools. I facilitate project-based learning by assisting teachers with the integration of advanced tools and techniques into their classrooms. I also enable student success by consulting on projects to provide guidance on design, material selection, and manufacturing processes.


Physical Computing Instructor

I had the opportunity to teach a one semester introductory computing class to middle schoolers and decided to use my electrical engineering background to introduce students to the world of physical computing. I designed an 18 week middle school physical computing curriculum based around the Hummingbird Robotics platform focused on project-based learning with an emphasis on design thinking. Curriculum resources are available here.

2014 - 2016

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

Malone Design and Fabrication designs and builds custom millwork and interpretive museum exhibits. While with Malone, I independently designed custom electronics and software applications for interactive exhibits aimed to educate museum visitors through engaging experiences. I oversaw the fabrication of interactive exhibits to ensure quality control throughout construction. And I worked with clients and sales representatives to ensure products we built and installed to the client's full satisfaction.

Research Experience

2016 - 2018

Graduate Research Assistant

During the pursuit of my Masters degree, I worked in the Dahlman Lab on developing techniques for high-throughput nanoparticle characterization. As the group's bioinformatician, I designed a custom software pipeline based on Python and R to process and analyze our sequencing data. I helped to develop custom primers to add Illumina sequencing adapters to our barcode amplicons. And I used statistical methods to analyze and interpret large-scale datasets. JORDAN Tools is available on my GitHub.

2010 - 2015

Undergraduate Researcher

As an undergraduate I had the rewarding experience studying the synthesis and characteristics of new materials, particularly doped metal fluorides, theorized to exhibit negative thermal expansion over broad temperature ranges. I was fortunate enough to join a lab were I was able to design and conduct lab experiments independently. I collected and analyzed characterization measurements of experimental samples using various instruments including x-ray diffractometer, gas pyncometer, and thermogravimetric analyzer. And I prepared graphics and data for scientific journal articles.



October 1, 2018

A high throughput in vivo screen of functional mRNA delivery identifies nanoparticles for endothelial cell gene editing

Nano Letters

February 28, 2018

A Direct Comparison of in Vitro and in Vivo Nucleic Acid Delivery Mediated by Hundreds of Nanoparticles Reveals a Weak Correlation

Journal of Solid State Chemistry

History-dependent thermal expansion in NbO2F

February 10, 2014